Infrastructure Networks ("INET") is a fully-integrated telecommunications company that is enabling the 'Industrial Internet of Things' (“IIoT”). We provide the first end-to-end, standards-based, dedicated wireless network capable of supporting the full spectrum of IIoT solutions.

By providing wireless LTE connectivity and advanced solutions to the Critical Infrastructure industry -- including those in exploration, production and distribution of oil and natural gas -- we have become the leader in rolling-out 4G-LTE products and services to the energy industry.

For companies seeking solutions to the costs, limitations and risks associated with legacy technologies and networks, INET manages critical communications through our Wireless Infrastructure as a Service model. We enable existing SCADA, Mobile Data, Video, Workforce Automation, and other machine-to-machine applications with ‘Internet of Things’ functionality. In short, INET allows companies to focus capital and resources on their core business instead of managing the costs and headaches associated with communications.

We replace high capex with low cost, efficient opex. We call that Wireless Evolution. Learn more >