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The INET Advantage

You shouldn't have to build your own network to get reliable communications. Infrastructure Networks has built a carrier grade network from the ground up, dedicated to the needs of critical infrastructure and leveraging the dominant global standard of LTE. In doing so, we’ve set ourselves apart from B2C focused providers and privately built and operated networks by enabling our customers to operate a Virtual Private Network as if it is their own, while delivering significant value over competing approaches. Our offers service primarily over 700MHz spectrum, unique in its ability to provide service over an area 4-10 times larger than other spectrum, and exclusively licensed by the FCC - allowing INET more control over quality and reliability than unlicensed spectrum that must be shared with other users. Our hardened LTE network exceeds commercial standards, and we offer unrivaled service level agreements and quality of service.

[Infrastructure Networks] owns its own network, but sells it to customers as if it was a private network for them. In that way, the company essentially toes the line between a public network like those from AT&T and Verizon that are available to everyone, and a private network owned and operated by one specific customer. 

- Mike Dano, Light Reading, Meet the Biggest Private Wireless Network Operator You've Never Heard of, 2020 (Read the Article: Click Here)


Bridging the Gap Between Consumer Wireless and Operators With W-Iaas

INET offers Wireless Infrastructure-as-a-Service (W-Iaas) and can provide unrivaled broadband wireless connectivity over our private wireless network. INET is the only provider of this private LTE infrastructure and service, and working with INET to manage your wireless infrastructure provides the following benefits:

  • “Zero Capital” Solution Option- INET’s network is “plug and play” ready and will be deployed at no upfront capital cost to you. 
  • Reduced operational expenses – INET’s W-IaaS Solution cuts the cost of managing and maintaining private radio networks.
  • Private licensed 700 MHz Spectrum – INET exclusively owns or controls FCC licensed 700 MHz spectrum. This protects you against the threat of external interference and provides superior spectrum availability in heavily contended unlicensed spectrum areas.
  • Rapidly deployable networks – INET’s network is already built, allowing for immediate roll-out of your sites under INET’s existing network coverage. 
  • Delivers LTE global standard on a secure purpose-built network – The INET built LTE network uses global 3GPP LTE standards to meet the requirements of the Oil and Gas industry. 
  • Future-proofs networks - Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is advancing Oil & Gas in an ever-expanding eco-system of LTE devices and capabilities. The global scope of LTE and the advent of Narrowband LTE (“LTE Cat-NB1”) will continue to drive demand and reduce the cost of LTE devices; INET’s plug-and-play network will support these upgrades at no cost to you. 

INET’s Wireless Infrastructure-as-a-Service model dramatically shifts the Total Cost of Ownership proposition, with rapid deployment and lower CAPEX and OPEX.