The INET Advantage

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The INET Advantage

Infrastructure Networks has built a carrier grade network from the ground up, dedicated to the needs of critical infrastructure and leveraging the dominant global standard of LTE. In doing so, we’ve set ourselves apart from B2C focused providers and privately built and operated networks by enabling our customers to operate a Virtual Private Network as if it is their own, while delivering significant value over competing approaches. Our offers service primarily over 700MHz spectrum, unique in its ability to provide service over an area 4-10 times larger than other spectrum, and exclusively licensed by the FCC - allowing INET more control over quality and reliability than unlicensed spectrum that must be shared with other users. Our hardened LTE network exceeds commercial standards, and we offer unrivaled service level agreements and quality of service.

INET LTE vs. Commercial or Privately Built and Owned Networks

Privately built networks can’t match the performance, economics, or reliability of INET’s LTE based IIoT platform. Their unlicensed spectrum becomes the weak link in your network, offering insecure communications, with greater interference and low reliability.

  • Extremely limited bandwidth cripples SCADA applications
  • No mobility solutions
  • Large capital investment
  • Significant limitation to scalability
  • Not ‘Plug & Play’
  • Dependence on single supplier
  • Integration Challenges
  • Risk of obsolescence

INET’s Wireless Infrastructure as a Service model dramatically shifts the Total Cost of Ownership proposition, with rapid deployment and lower CAPEX and OPEX.