Mission & Vision

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To provide mission-critical wireless infrastructure and communications solutions to the industrial & enterprise marketplace.  As such, we have built a network that:

  • Enables Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Allows Real-Time Remote Command, Control and Monitoring
  • Expands Communication Capabilities and Capacities
  • Delivers Industry Leading Security
  • Contributes to Improved Workplace and Environmental Safety
  • Reduces Human Impacts on the Environment


To be the leading Wireless-Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform and solutions provider for the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ economy, enabling: automation, analytics, robotics, AI and SCADA in a standards-based, globally-scalable, cloud platform. 

As such, our vision is to bridge Critical Infrastructure market segments and create a single network that drives a standards-based ecosystem of advanced wireless devices for machine-to-machine applications. This network and its associated infrastructure has the ability to leverage the demands of critical infrastructure, public safety and rural broadband interests while providing partitioned, secure services to each. The Infrastructure Networks solution provides the network foundation for applications that reduces costs, increases productivity and enhances safety in a highly secure and dedicated environment.