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About INET

Infrastructure Networks provides a comprehensive set of field communication solutions, ranging from spot coverage through full outsourcing of field communications. The base offering is our advantaged LTE network which provides a secure, high bandwidth, low latency, secure solution. Our bandwidth offerings are complemented by our patented Fast-L2 product which allows our customers to push IT protocols to the edge and seamlessly manage cross-medium networks.

Why Work With INET?

INET is the leading provider of critical wireless infrastructure solutions with a unique ability to offer private 4G/5G LTE networks among other advantages:

  • A zero out-of-pocket capital solution option for the rapid “plug and play” deployment of broadband IP- based wireless connectivity to all of your field assets.
  • A turnkey “life-of-well” scalable solutions platform for the rapid deployment of connectivity to new well pads and field assets; including optional secure and segregated communications to drilling rigs, completions, field offices and 3rd party contractors/partners.
  •  A favorable long-term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on par with privately built and owned in-house networks without the risks of being tied to a single proprietary radio vendor/technology operating over unlicensed radio spectrum.
  • Access to INET’s emerging, standards based, advanced IoT platform for the rapid enablement and connectivity of future AI (Artificial Intelligence), advanced analytics, machine learning, VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) and low power “to-the-sensor” narrowband connectivity solutions.
  • INET’s solutions are supported by advanced, global 4G/5G wireless technology standards and a “boots-on-the-ground” field presence. Everything INET does is backed by contractual SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) to guarantee delivery, performance and network availability.
  • Reconfiguration and management by INET of the existing networks point-to- multipoint radio system to provide mission critical redundant communications for key locations and/or the option to decommission over time and reduce or eliminate tower lease costs.
  • An assignable communications solution that could be easily transferred to a 3rd party should all or a part of the underlying well assets be sold.


A Network Apart

Infrastructure Networks’ next-generation solutions are founded on 4G/LTE wireless technology and differentiated from other commercial wireless networks by offering:

  • Availability only to critical infrastructure users
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Intrinsically safe, hardened and autonomous field devices
  • A standards based ecosystem for the development and evolution of advanced machine-to-machine field applications

Infrastructure Networks also offers a transparent, partnership approach to customers and stakeholders, one that bridges the needs of critical infrastructure and public safety into a secure, robust and dedicated broadband network. In addition, we provide opportunities to partner with rural carriers and leverage network infrastructure in support of the deployment of rural broadband services in contiguous geographic areas.