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Embracing Oilfield Digitalization to Reduce Operating Costs

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Over more than a decade, the promises of industrial automation, artificial intelligence (“AI”), Machine to Machine (“M2M”) communications and the overall Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”) have inundated energy companies with grand visions of a “Digital Oilfield”.  Many of these advancements have been made under the stress of falling oil prices, industry downturns, and now the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced companies to look for new, more efficient and tech savvy ways to reduce capital and operating expenses in a lower commodity price environment.

For all the industry’s advancements during times such as these, the promise of the digital oilfield has remained largely inaccessible.  Advancements in automation, AI, remote monitoring, and the promise they bring of reduced capital and operating expenses have yet to be fully realized. One reason is that as advanced as the oil and gas industry has become, it’s not when it comes to remote oilfield connectivity. Read More

OGGN Features INET on Oil and Gas Tech Podcast

In today’s market, energy companies are pushing towards a leaner, and consequently more tech savvy oilfield. Mark Lacour, host of Oil and Gas Global Networks, the largest energy podcast in the world, sat down with INET CEO Mark Slaughter and CTO Stan Hughey last month to discuss INET’s 5G projects in the Permian and how the digitalization of the oilfield will help companies reduce costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Executive Q&A: Hart Energy Interviews CEO Mark Slaughter on INET Push Towards 5G


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Hart Energy:
What was the driving force behind forming this company? Share a little history with us if you will.

Mark Slaughter:
I joined this past year, but the company Infrastructure Networks was formed in 2011 around a value proposition of serving oil and gas customers in the Lower 48 with LTE [long-term evolution] based communication services. Read More

Light Reading: Meet the Biggest Private Wireless Network Operator You’ve Never Heard of – INET

The company covers 130,000 square miles of US territory with high-speed mobile data services. It owns vast stretches of 700MHz spectrum licenses. It counts around 80 employees managing around 100 cell towers transmitting 4G LTE signals from Nokia AirScale equipment.

It’s a privately held company called Infrastructure Networks, and it’s not in the mobile phone business.

“We’re oil and gas people, by background,” says CEO Mark Slaughter with a slight west Texas twang. “It’s a different situation when you’re talking about oil and gas.”

The enormous wireless network owned and operated by Infrastructure Networks is only available to industrial companies like Halliburton and Schlumberger. That effectively makes Infrastructure Networks a major player in the private wireless networking industry in the US — the company’s network basically eliminates the need for its customers to build their own private networks in hard-to-reach, oil-rich areas of the US.

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Houston Chronicle: Houston company seeks to develop first 5G-enabled oil drilling site in Permian Basin

Telecommunication companies will spend the next 12 months rolling out 5G service for cell phone users across the United States while a Houston company seeks to become the first to provide the ultra high-speed technology to oil and gas industry customers in the Permian Basin, the nation’s largest and busiest oil field.

Headquartered in Houston’s Galleria district, Infrastructure Networks provides wireless data service to drilling rig operators, fracking crews and production sites in oil fields across the United States. The company provides those services over vast distances using the last iteration of mobile phone technology known as LTE, or Long Term Evolution, technology.

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Odessa American: INET dedicates customer program incentives to OHH

HOUSTON Infrastructure Networks, Inc. (INET) recently announced that the company is dedicating money raised during their first ever Customer Satisfaction Program to benefit Oilfield Helping Hands (OHH), a nonprofit charitable organization that helps oilfield families in financial crisis.

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