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BEC 6200 Series 4G LTE Broadband Router with SX Antenna

BEC 6200

  • Delivers dramatically superior range and optimized network capacity
  • Up to 40% increase in signal reception & efficiency
  • Slash operational costs: eliminate the need for external antennas
Site Installation Aides for Rapid Deployment
  • Cell Tower ID Display
  • Signal Assesment Tools
  • Dynamic Event Logging
Advanced Management
  • Intuitive Web GUI and management center
  • SNMP, Telnet and Syslog TR-069 Support
  • Remote Centralized Management
High Availability
  • Automatic Fail-Over between 4G Cellular and/or Ethernet WAN
BEC’s SiteSmart App
  • Mobile Management
  • Signal Strength
  • Network Information
  • Card Information
Feature-Rich Residential Gateway

End users can share Internet access, peripherals, files, digital multimedia content, parental control and applications among multiple personal computers and other Internet-enabled devices.

BEC 6800RUL Series 4G LTE Outdoor Router

BEC 6800

The BEC 6800RUL 4G LTE Outdoor Broadband Router supports the latest generation of LTE fixed wireless networks providing connectivity for homes, businesses, rural areas and the underserved. The 6800RUL integrates a high performance device with an embedded LTE module and advanced IP networking features enabling support of multiple high bandwidth applications at peaks speeds up to 100Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink.

Homes and businesses with a weak or nonexistent wireless signal can benefit from the extended range and reach of the 6800RUL. Multiple MIMO antenna technology options allow service providers to select the optimal solution for their environment or applica- tion whether LOS (Line of Sight) or NLOS (Non-Line of Sight). Physical size and weight were key design considerations of the 6800RUL, it can be mounted directly on exterior walls, chimneys, lightweight poles and used for retrofitting applications such as the replacement of older generation wireless technology.

The 6800RUL is an industrial-grade outdoor fixed wireless router with an IP67 rated enclosure to withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh rugged deployments. In addition to outdoor, it can be installed in environments such as: manufacturing plants, industrial automation, stadiums, convention halls, stadium facilities, school campuses or virtually any venue requiring a robust wireless solution.

High Performance and support for Multiple LTE frequency Bands
  • Category 3 UE, data rates of up to 100Mbps (DL) /50Mbps (UL)
  • Advanced IP networking functionalities including bridge and router modes
  • Support for most North America LTE bands
Multiple MIMO antenna options for maximum bandwidth and service coverage
  • Embedded Dual-Polarized Antenna
  • Optimize antenna design per band
Lightweight, compact and unobtrusive design
  • Multiple mounting options, easily installed by single person
  • Support Passive Power of Ethernet (PoE)
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere
Designed for challenging/rugged deployments
  • IP67 hardened enclosure with Industrial- grade components
  • Designed for the toughest industrial environments
Patented Dual-Pol dual polarization antenna technology ensures faster and efficient bi-directional transmission
  • H-Plane & V-Plane Polarization
  • Precise alignment achievable with multi-angle, multi-position pole mount brackets (PoE)
  • Simplicity and high isolation for stable and reliable

Cal Amp Fusion™ High-Performance Multi-Network LTE Router

Cal Amp fusion


This ready-to-deploy broadband router enables wireless data connectivity over public and private LTE cellular networks at 4G speeds.  Fusion offers a single, flexible platform to address a variety of wireless communications needs with over-the-air configuration, radio firmware updates and system monitoring for optimal connectivity.

For the ultimate in versatility, the Fusion provides high-speed 4G LTE Private Band 12 and Public Safety Band 14 broadband connectivity for private infrastructure as well as public carriers infrastructure on 700 MHz Band 13 or 17 (with 3G EV-DO/HSPA fallback modes) based on 3GPP Standard technologies. Three Ethernet ports with routing capability can connect multiple LANs or WANs. An optional b/g/n WiFi interface can be configured as an access point or client or both to enable concurrent operation to offer complete flexibility for a variety of network scenarios. The SBAS enable GPS connects seamlessly with AVL applications hosted locally or remotely. An easy to use web-based management and configuration interface as well as comprehensive remote management facilities are included.

LTE/WiFi/Ethernet rule-based and application port-based switching enables IP control such as segregating some traffic specific to designated bearer networks and choosing the WAN fallback order. Multiple WAN connection options provide redundant data connection and automatic switchover upon loss of connectivity to primary network. The Fusion is designed to operate concurrently with external WAN radios, including CalAmp’s narrowband technology and satellite, making it a powerful and unique enabler of interoperable network technologies.

The Fusion facilitates traffic routing between all of the concurrently operating networks without requiring an external router or switch. The optional WiFi allows Fusion to manage and route between wireless and wired networks.

  • Band 13 or 17 LTE for public infrastructure
  • Band 12 or 14 LTE for private infrastructure
  • Superior wireless performance with MIMO capabilities
  • Secure IPSec VPN connectivity
  • Autonomous SBAS enabled GPS with local and remote AVL delivery
  • 24/7 world class, multi technology single supplier support