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FASTL2 – Transparent Ethernet Circuits over Any IP Network

FastL2 products can be used to build clear-channel Ethernet circuits over the public Internet or a private IP network. These circuits are typically known as E-Lines, Ethernet Pseudo-Wires, Layer-2 VPL (Virtual Private LAN), VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service), EoIP (Ethernet over IP), L2PW (Layer-2 Pseudo-Wire), Carrier Ethernet and others. FastL2 creates transparent Ethernet circuits which can be used for plain IEEE802.3 Ethernet traffic or IEEE802.1Q Ethernet VLAN trunks.

FastL2 can be deployed over almost any IP network. It is tested and known to work over Leased Circuit Internet, xDSL Internet, Cable Internet, 3G Cellular Internet 4G/LTE, VSAT Satellite Internet and Inmarsat and Iridium Satellite Internet. FastL2 also works through DHCP, Firewalls and NAT, almost always without the DHCP, Firewalls and NAT requiring any change.

Technology at Low Cost

Both telcos and customers are moving to large-scale Ethernet deployments for several reasons; no telco involvement in customer private IP networks, simpler telco/customer demarcation, better security and easier operations and management. Many telcos provide Ethernet services over their SDH, SONET and MPLS networks and give them brand names such as LAN Extension. Whatever the name, these are well-proven telco services for the core of customer networks. FastL2 now makes it possible to standardize and rapid-deploy these services at low-cost over commodity Internet to the edge of the network.

Rapid Deployment

When FastL2 hardware appliances are available at both ends of the required Ethernet circuit, service can typically be provided in minutes with no advance engineering.


FastL2 creates a closed, trusted Virtual Private LAN (VPL) over an open, untrusted public or private IP network. FastL2 uses the same general hub-based architecture as Internet-based realtime media services such as Skype, GoToMeeting and Webex. This allows both ends of the FastL2 service to operate from behind DHCP, NAT and Firewalls.

FastL2 uses the OpenSSL software system for strong authentication and encryption. By default FastL2 uses AES-128 encryption. There are variant options for other encryption systems, customer control of keys, regular key changes, keys on USB dongles and many others. The use of smart topologies can continue the use of a customer’s existing secure LAN technologies and the FastL2 appliance can require the presence of a secure USB dongle to operate.

SECURE Connectivity

Service or Combination

FastL2 is available as a pure service with rented appliances and the use of one of our global Infrastructure Networks-operated FastL2 hub PoPs located in US-East, US-West, US-South, EU-West and AsiaPacific. FastL2 is also available with the PE devices owned by the customer with the FastL2 hub PoPs operated by Infrastructure Networks. Service and product arrangements can be combined in a number of ways to suit a customer’s technology and business needs and preferences for capex and opex.

Why Employ FastL2

Telcos/Service Companies can use FastL2 for off-net access circuits, for urgent requirements where the normal 60-90 day provisioning is not acceptable, for DR services and for circuit backup.Corporations can use FastL2 for secure SCADA/DCS industrial networks over commodity Internet or private IP networks, for remote maintenance of assets, for mobile sites such as vehicles, construction sites and for travelling teams.

Rugged Hardware

The FastL2 appliances were developed for rental to mobile and industrial customers and were first deployed in the the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Accordingly the FastL2® Appliances are small and ruggedized.

Smart Topologies

For customers who are considering using FastL2® as a strategic solution, we have a range of smart topologies and engineering services to combine the best of existing switches, routers, security and FastL2® to standardize and simplify distributed industrial and edge networks.

Licensing and Embedding

For customers who manufacture high-value industrial equipment we can license our patented technology, hardware and software to be embedded in your equipment. This will be of significant interest for remote maintenance and remote operations applications.