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Infrastructure Networks offers customers access to the LTE EPC Core through our proprietary, industry leading web-based application, the CloudCore Service Management Platform. This platform allows customers the ability to actively manage their services and  subscriptions. Various LTE options – such as quality of service (QCI and ARP), maximum  transmit and receive speeds and static IP address management – can be modified directly by customers for their deployed radios. Modifications to services take affect in real time  with instant feedback.

Customers can also assign uniquely identifying labels to their subscriptions for improved internal tracking and reporting. Private APN network customers can manage which APN their subscriptions are assigned to, and switch subscriptions back and forth between INET and their private APN’s.

CloudCore supports near real time reporting of radio usage for specified intervals. Users can also identify information such as which cell tower the radio is using on the INET LTE network, up and down byte usage and first and last usage during a selected period.

APN Usage

Radio Usage