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Virtual Private Radio Networks (VPRN)

Infrastructure Networks provides high-speed wireless communications through Virtual Private Radio Networks (VPRNs). A VPRN allows you to do more, with less.

The Benefits of VPRN Deployment Include:
  • Significant reduction of capital costs as compared to a user owed private network
  • The cost of end-point radios is reduced
  • Network and radio resource management is simplified
  • Interference risk is all but eliminated due to the use of licensed 700 MHz spectrum
  • VPRN services can be used to augment existing wireless networks while
    legacy networks are maintained or decommissioned
  • A shared physical network can be built to a higher standard of reliability
    than multiple networks covering the same geographic space.
  • New field applications can be deployed including mobility, VoIP and video
    on the same network using standardized radios.