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Real-time surveillance and monitoring for the remote operator

Connect remotely to your field operations from anywhere. Through real-time intelligent visual monitoring and UE monitoring, your operation and field equipment can be managed while you work at home. Reduce truck-rolls to the field and save on time and travel costs.

Intelligent Visual Monitoring for Industrial Operations

INET has partnered with Osperity to bring you leading AI driven intelligent visual monitoring for industrial operations. Osperity's visual monitoring equipment can help you manage your operations efficiently from anywhere with their online monitoring platform. Set your Osperity visual monitoring platform to alert you when someone walks on to a site, handles equipment or any other parameters you set for it.

If you need help cutting costs and mitigating risk in the field, contact INET for installation today. Visit Osperity's website for more information.

Proactive UE Monitoring

INET's Proactive UE Monitoring solution sends you real-time alerts when there is an up/down, packet loss or latency event with your equipment connectivity. With Proactive UE Monitoring, INET can help you monitor the status of your equipment remotely and limit truck rolls to the field to manually inspect equipment. 

Contact INET for details on how we can help you manage and monitor your operations and equipment in the field when you are away. 

End-to-End Services and Solutions

INET hosts an array of services and solutions to help you manage communications for your remote operation. 


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