INET to Sponsor and Speak at ENTELEC Fall 2019

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Infrastructure Networks (INET) will speak at and be a sponsor of this year’s annual ENTELEC Fall Seminar Series, which focuses on critical topics and pressing industry issues such as LTE, SCADA, IIoT, Field Communications, and Regulatory developments. The Fall Seminar will be held Thursday, October 10, 2019 in Odessa, Texas at the Odessa Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.

The Fall Seminar will focus on pressing topics and significant issues facing our industry, to include two sessions by INET:

LTE-Based Communication Solutions at the Edge of the Permian (11:00 AM – 12:00 AM): Infrastructure Networks’ EVP, IIoT Innovations Group, Carl MacKinnon, will discuss the emergence of LTE-based communications solutions that can be deployed in the Permian with little or no capital investment on the part of the operator. These solutions provide long term fixed cost connectivity in support of legacy field automation infrastructure while enabling the implementation of bandwidth intensive edge technologies. MacKinnon will present customer use-cases that show how customers leveraged their solutions provider to solve Permian-Specific remote communication problems and create standardized, scalable LTE-based communications across areas of operation. For more information visit this page.

Managing Web-Based Monitoring and Data Applications for Real-Time Decision Making (1:45 PM – 3:45 PM): Infrastructure Networks’ EVP, IIoT Innovations Group, Carl MacKinnon, will present on the emergence of IoT applications that connect the field to the office through real-time monitoring and secure data transfer. Emerging applications enable you to connect modern web-based applications to traditional legacy infrastructure to create an ecosystem of low-cost IoT technologies operation-wide. Attendees will get hands-on technical training with web-based applications utilizing Osprey Informatic’s Osprey Reach, a visual monitoring solution for exception-based management of field operations, Machfu’s MACH-IO, a wireless data collection for industrial IoT sensors, and the MACHGateway, which provides wireless and wired connectivity. For more information visit this page.

Click here for more information about our participation in ENTELEC Fall Series 2019.